A Brief Historical Sketch of our Congregation

Thomas Drake and his brother, David, brought their adult children and their families from Baltimore and settled in Drake’s Valley in 1810. Other settlers were Sigafoose, Harris, O’Dell, Atkinson, Hughes and Parsons. Then in 1812, when Michael Ellis came from Baltimore to visit the Drake family,   the first Methodist society in Holmes County was formed.

Rev. John Solomon was sent to strengthen the organization and to build a place to worship in 1815. The group built a small church near the present George Haudenschild home. A few years later a bigger and better structure was built where the Drake’s Valley graveyard is now.

In 1816 Thomas Drake purchased two 80-acre plots of land from the government. He deeded one plot to his son, Eliphalet, who laid out the town of Nashville and donated lots for a Methodist Church and a cemetery. The village was surveyed by Sam Robison on June 30, 1828.

A frame building was erected on this lot during the pastorate of Rev. H.O. Sheldon and J. Hazard, and finished in 1834. The family names in the records from 1832-1870 include  Johnson, Drake, Knox, Shearer, Crow, Quick, Parcell, Booth, Slegle, Young, Bidgon, Critchfield, Burk, Buzzard, Armstrong, Heck, Burris, Longshore, Harriss, Freeze, Parsons, Turtle, McCoy, Gardner, Liggett, Hendrickson, Miller, Mallot, Wiggins, William, Hihnd, Clow, Jeffries, McGiure, and Grubb. This building was torn down in 1852 and a new one erected on the same ground…  more

Ministers Who Have Served Our Congregation

The Nashville church has been served by 118 pastors since its beginnings in 1815. Prior to 1870 two pastors frequently served the church during the same year… more

The Lincoln Window

At least two East Ohio United Methodist churches have stained glass windows that are reminiscent of the Civil War era. Both of these “Lincoln” windows have a cameo of the 16th president, U.S. flags and a Bald Eagle. They vary some in coloring and detail, however. The window at the Nashville UMC sanctuary was dedicated in December of 1901… more